Teslapedia” is an app complementary to the publication “Teslapedia. Vida e inventos de Nikola Tesla” (Teslapedia, Life and Inventions of Nikola Tesla), published by Turner (www.turner.com) and linked to the exhibition “Nikola Tesla: suyo es el futuro” (Nikola Tesla: Future Has His Name), that was open from November 13th, 2014 to February 15th, 2015), in El Espacio, Fundación Telefónica (Madrid).

Serbian-American Nikola Tesla (Smiljan, 1856 — New York, 1943) is a fundamental actor in the history of progress. He died and was forgotten until the beginning of the 21st century. His discoveries, inventions, contributions and predictions allowed the development of the electric civilisation that we still live in. Tesla devised alternate current and the radio, he was also a pioneer in visionary technologies such as robotics, vertical take-off planes, low consumption lamps, alternative energies or wireless electricity…

The App “Teslapedia”, developed by Unit Experimental in collaboration with Telefónica Foundation and Turner publishing house allows the user to access and enjoy the interactive contents of the book. Through augmented reality, the user can visualise additional contents, such as interactive notebooks, videos and 3D animations.