Luis Vidal Architects


Luis Vidal & Asociados is an architecture studio with its headquarters in Madrid, and an office in London. Their projects are focused on finding the right balance between tradition and modernity, as they respond to society as it is today, however they bring to it their visionary role and a firm will to contribute to a common welfare.

Their work process is in itself a journey, as important and intense as the final result. Their work toes the line between innovation and technique; innovation being the realm of the unknown, technique the realm of the known.

The application developed by Unit Experimental boasts information on the Spanish architecture studio Luis Vidal+Architects, including a selection of his projects and augmented reality content related to the “Encounters” exhibition: four 3D models, seven videos, three galleries and an interactive book showing a selection from the publication “Luis Vidal + Architects. From process to Results”.

Encounters” is an architectural installation created to discover, explore, and display the work produced by Spanish Architect Luis Vidal and his Associates (LVA) for the last ten years: a celebration of their vision. The augmented reality pieces can be viewed by the visitors of the exhibition.