We are a multidisciplinary team, specialised in conceptualising, designing and producing innovative cultural experiences.

Design and Conceptualisation of Exhibitions

We specialise in exhibition projects, as well as in the design of their graphic supports.


From its main concept, to the exhibition discourse, including the communication strategy and activities, we develop the museographic project from beginning to end.


We offer digital solutions to enhance the dialogue and participation of the audience in the exhibitions, through the most novel technological solutions.

Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

We conceptualise and design immersive experiences, which complement the exhibition space with digital information, through all types of supports and devices.

Mobile Apps

We create multi-platform (iOs, Android, PC, Mac…) Apps, for all types of projects, and we manage their distribution process.

Interactive Publications and Installations

We create environments that are responsive to movement, playful activities and conceptual maps, within the exhibition space.

Project Highlights

Our Clients